30 Days of Heart: Day 6

This is me right now

No really, I am working on an android tablet for my church and this is the dreaded screen I keep seeing. (I am working on it because they use it at the front desk to check in new people.  I had the bright idea of updating it because mine went so well and it froze.  I turned the power off and now I just get this little guy with his heart literally out of his chest.  I have a policy if I break it I fix it, cause I sure won’t buy it haha)

I keep telling myself after days of working on this off and on these things:

  • I can do this
  • I can’t do this
  • I am not crazy
  • I must be crazy
  • why didn’t the church buy apple
  • I told the church to buy this instead of an iPad
  • Wow this will make a great blog on Determination and passion and purpose haha

do you feel like this pic looks?

There is good news then!  Well, maybe.  It depends on how you respond at this very moment.  You see, your next choice doesn’t equate to failure (unless it’s to stop trying). If you are at this point that is actually a good thing. I can hear a few of you in my head “Say what Johnny, how is this a good thing?”

Well, for starters this is a surrender mode. It is the next step before you can hit the power button to go into recovery mode. Recovery mode gives you lots of options.

  • Normal boot: go about your normal business (not recommended)
  • Update: this is great if everything is already working and you want to go to the next level
  • Factory Reset: This option you go back to the start as if no problem ever happened.  There are a couple of things that help this go smooth.

1. Don’t do it alone, GET HELP!

2. Surrender to God

3. Change your thinking and open it up to new ways that are not your own.

4. Be vulnerable: taking off your breastplate armor while opening your heart is key to Reset.


There are many options and there is no one option for all

So many so-called Experts will say: hey do this 3, 7, 12, 492 step program, follow it to the T and all will be well.  The only problem is we are all on a journey but some of us took different paths.

Not everyone needs a Factory Reset, but usually the ones that do just do a reboot (I think of this as a two day vacation where you don’t worry about your problems and then come back to reality, the reality that something is still broken)

Can we stop being so worried about what we think others will think?  It’s not even what people really think is the problem, the problem is our thinking about what we think they are thinking all the while they are thinking why aren’t we talking to them or acting on what we think?

Did you get all that? (Sorry, I recently watched Pirates of the Caribbean)

Find what option you need by actually communicating with a professional. (counselor, therapist, pastor you trust, psychologist, etc)

You do not take a computer you really like to a friend who doesn’t have one and say hey can you fix this or what should I do to fix it?  That would be insane. You take it to a pro who either does it for a living or you heard a positive testimony about them from someone you trust.

You see where I’m going with this right?

Why oh why do we ask friends for advice who have no idea how to help us or what option we need?

I will tell you my thought. We know them so we feel safe and vulnerable and it’s scary to open up to someone new.  Heck I am opening up to the entire networked world about my struggles, hardships, and goals and I’m terrified of what could be the reaction.

I do it because I need you to know you are not alone, I do it because you need to know that even so called experts in advice need to seek medical attention sometimes when their wiring needs adjusted and trust me that is way better than the alternative of listening to someone who doesn’t take their own advice. (I am so done with that.) You get the real me, which is leading by example not brainpower!

My ending thought is this: Open up your Heart today.  That is the starting point of Getting More Heart, which is the courage and determination to keep going.

Paul says in the Bible that he runs as if to get the prize. (Just FYI there were no participation trophys in bible days.) So today I choose to run as if to get the prize.

The prize may be different for you than for me.

For me it is to grow Spiritually with my Creator God, mentally with myself, and physically to better love and serve those closest to me as well as the world.

My name is Johnny Walker and I am on a Journey to Get Heart, Grow in Heart, and Give my Heart.  Will you come with me?

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