30 Days of Heart: Day 5

Fail friday!

Ok all so I have a funny story about an awesome fail today.  Just to preface it, I have been following my paleo diet (unprocessed, non simple carb, etc) to the T for 5 days.

We make a weekly trip over night to Woodward,  OK for my wife’s job.  I actually was nervous yesterday because I normally would always drink two or three 32 oz sodas during that day there.  I had ZERO!

Okay, but this post is not about terrific Thursday but about fail Friday.  Today we wake up and I keep to my paleo breakfast. (Which is super hard because the hotel breakfast has the bomb hash browns and biscuits.  We are driving to Weatherford for an awesome RX Brew double date in Weatherford, OK an hour and a half away.  So we decide to eat lunch along the way. There on the highway was this mega gas station with a restaurant in it called Delizioso!  Oh, and it is!

They have burgers, pizza, sandwiches, and pasta.

(None of which I can have for this 30 days) another side note because I feel some of you calling me stupid right now for not eating bread or pasta.  I am not on a low carb diet, I am eating a ton through veggies.  I am just not eating simple carbs that digest fast and lead to unhealthy behaviors in someone like me with a problem with food.  Beer is not bad but in the hand of a alcoholic it is.  Same concept. I clearly have to eat meat because I am from Texas so I found a diet I can manage for a short time to get started in health. (I promise I will eventually get to the fail)

Ok now is the time.  We get up to the counter to order and I see all of these amazing looking dishes that I can not have and April then looks at me trying to be sweet and says oh look babe they have chicken salad.  The problem with this is that I had a chicken salad yesterday and one of the reasons diets don’t work is because people hate eating chicken salad daily lol. Then I see it CHICKEN WINGS!!! I was like OMG I had that on the 1st and it’s not bland chicken but still healthy.

I told the lady taking my order I will have half a dozen, no wait I’ll take the 8.  Everything is going so good till this point and then she asked bone in or bone out. I said bone out.  Our food comes and I start chowing into them and then I stop and say OMG (in the negative this time) these bone out are breaded.  (Which is not paleo). Then I remembered on the 1st I had bone in, not bone out.

I spent 9$ on these and was like crap what do I do April? Then she says well, if you eat them you have to be honest about it in your blog.

So, this is me sharing my fail.  Did this one mistake make me fail in the long term? No, not at all.  But in the past I was all in or all out and I hated feeling like I failed, so I would just stop trying.

Today i made a mistake but i did not fail.

To fail you have to stop trying, you have to give up.  So the moral of the story is that you can make a mistake in life but never let it define you.  Remember I am passionate and determined for a healthy life physically, mentally, and spirituality.  In the past, if I failed in one I would fail in all.  Today is a new day, a new Journey.  If you have made a mistake, it is ok, but choose to learn from it.  Maybe even share it with some people to help you keep accountable.  I will succeed on the journey because as long as I keep pressing forward no matter the set back I can’t loose, and neither can you.

Lastly, since I woke up in a hotel with no weight scale there was no weigh in today.  I am actually thinking of just weighing once a week and sharing that because again it’s not about the weight for me but a better future and present.

I am Johnny Walker and I am on a journey to Get, Grow in, and Give my Heart!  Will you come with me?

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