30 Days of Heart: Day 4

I’m gonna pump you up!

Hans and Franz was so funny to watch on SNL back in the day.  They spoofed bodybuilders like Arnold and others.  The funny thing is, I know they were spoofing but in a weird way the laughter is what actually pumped me up.  I would mimic the actions and even go around telling people I would pump them up.

I guess in a way that stuck with me (not the working out but making people laugh and feel good to go out and change the world). The only problem was I have relied more on muscle memory than the actual muscle.

I don’t want to be a drag but it can get you down to the point your not even fun to be around.  No energy to be had, and no pump to be gained.  I have been thinking today how this heart change has really made me stop and think about why I do what I do.  Not my job, but my daily actions.

My first day I said you can’t loose control by one action or choice but after so long they become scripted memory instead of made with Heart.

i want to feel every choice and every pump.

Did you know Your heart is one giant pump. Every minute, your heart pumps about five quarts of blood through a system of blood vessels that’s over 60,000 miles long, according to the Cleveland Clinic. That translates to about 2,000 gallons of blood every day.

An in shape adult heart beats about 60-80 a minute and an out of shape one (this guy, but not for long) closer to 100 bpm.  They both pump around 2000 gallons, but the active one can do it slower, stronger, and less stressful.

I want this physically I really do.  Think about that in relationships, in work, in ministry, or what ever you do.  I don’t want to live rushed, I don’t want to live stressed, and I don’t want to end badly.

I will finish strong!

  • I will not be another negative statistic
  • I will not give up making choices
  • I will give others my heart
  • I will walk and not run (except on the treadmill)
  • And I am PUMPED UP!

Today is a new day, if you didn’t start this year the way you wanted it’s not too late. I am here walking it out with you.  Hit me up if you have questions. All I know is I’m on a journey and who wants to come with me and get PUMPED UP!



This morning I was at 205.2 on the scale but as I went to take the pic, my phone died because I didn’t charge it last night. (That is a good idea for another blog, being connected to the source.)

I was in a hurry so you will just have to believe me 🙂

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