30 Days of Heart: Day 3 Trump and Obama


Who likes good news?

This post is not political except that I will say this: There are a lot of people on the LEFT side of the aisle who do not like the guy sitting on the left, and there a lot of people on the RIGHT side of the aisle who don’t like the guy sitting on the right.  Why is that?  Is it because they let what is different about them control their HEART to the point that they refuse to allow anything one of them says to enter their head?


Let’s just for the fun of it show what they actually do have in common:

  • They both have passion for their country
  • They both have a purpose (umm one of the most important ones in the whole natural world)
  • They both are very determined
  • They both have had extreme courage to run for president and be president
  • They both have Hearts for Jesus

Yes, they go about it in totally different ways, but shouldn’t we at least look at some of the great qualities both of these men have?


They choSe to give Their heart to Their country!

President Obama has given his all to this country.  He loves the underdog and wants to see them succeed.  President-Elect Donald Trump sees our potential and loves how great we can be.  For just a few more moments lay down your disagreements with both of them and just imagine what you can do to give your heart to something so great.  No, we don’t all have to be president, (Thank God) but we all are equal in our worth to the creator and all have a place of service.  I choose today to give my heart to something greater than just myself.  A Cause that people need me to give to.

Here is the thing, if I choose to live selfish the world will keep going, but not as better off as it could have been had I gave my heart.  I am not here to guilt anyone or point my finger at you.  Everyone is on their own journey, as I am.  I decide when to kick it in to gear, no one else.  I heard the guilt and shame; I heard the encouragement.  I had to make the choice to open up my mind, body, and spirit and allow my heart to beat.


i am not alone!

No matter how hard the enemy tries to get me down, or even my own thoughts, I am not alone.(On a side note, did you know the average person has 50 thousand thoughts a day and over 35 thousand are negative. That is 2/3rd of our day spent beating ourselves up.)  I have to SPEAK truth, I have to Speak life.  I have to change my belief system to know 100% I am worth it, and so are you.

Together we can help each other move to action.  I am in this for the long haul.  Will you come with me?



P.S. The scale keeps going down baby, I am determined to succeed in Health!

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