30 Days of Heart: Day 20

my heart is full, i just can’t speak the words good!

Yes, I did write the title that way on purpose. Have you ever had the best idea, but couldn’t communicate it correctly so someone else got the job? The world is filled with people who have passion burning deep inside them but somewhere what they mean gets lost in translation from their heart to their mouth.  I have been one of the worst at this in my life.  I have an amazing idea and before contemplating it, studying it out, or writing it down, it just comes out.  If you have seen anchorman, there is a character in there named Brick and he just yells out stuff like “I love lamp!” If you have been there, then there is good news for you.

It is better to have passion, than no passion.  It is better to have too many ideas (you can’t have too many ideas) than no idea. The problem is not with our mind it is in our heart filter.  What the heck is a Heart Filter, Johnny? A heart filter is a very important step in decision-making that many people (including me) have forgotten to do.

Say you come up with an idea to heat water in a bath tub so that you can stay in there and relax longer.  This is a great idea by the way, unless you were really super dirty and cannot see your feet.  What a lot of people do is without processing IF they should do it, they just go and do it.  Imagine watching shark tank and a guy shows up with this product that reheats water in the bathtub.  He spent a ton of money on packaging, so it looks great. The sharks are super excited! Then Mr. Wonderful asks Johnny how many units he has sold.  Johnny responds, well, none. I have a ton of debt, maxed out my credit cards, and am working a part time job at McDonald’s so that I can pay the rent.

Then Marc Cuban pipes in and says, Have you shared this idea with any businesses, or tried to sell it online? Johnny answers and says, “Well Mr. Cuban, I wanted to share this idea with the world but I just didn’t know what to say. I didn’t have the money for a website because I put it all in this awesome package. I was told once to focus all of my energy on one thing at a time. The sharks all laugh and then comes the kill.  Mr. Wonderful chimes back in and says Johnny, I will give you 100 thousand dollars for 100 percent.  When I say this, it means you have nothing to do with the business at all going forward.  In fact I am not going to pay you this money, it will just go strait to pay the debt and you walk away and do something else.

What happened? 

Johnny never did the heart filter.  The heart filter is: are you passionate about this idea, and does it fulfill your purpose?  Johnny just thought for a second about the idea.  He knew it would help people, and even make money, but he was never the guy who was supposed to do it.  We can have the best idea in the world, but our part may be to simply share it with someone else who is passionate about it, and it is what they were created to do.

In this illustration if Johnny would just have ran the heart filter, he might have still created the prototype and got it trademarked and then licensed the idea to someone who actually wanted to do it.  We enslave ourselves to ideas every day because we don’t run them through the Heart Filter.

Now, don’t get me wrong, we are supposed to have laser focus in life.  We are supposed to do the dishes, and take out the trash.  If we learn what we are passionate about and what our purpose is, then it will help us know what to focus on.  Some of the greatest medical breakthroughs were from people who knew someone dealing with the sickness and they were passionate about getting them well, or they knew their purpose was in research and it fueled their results.

what is step one Johnny?

Step one is go do the dishes and take out the trash.  The reason is you have to do some physical, mental, and spiritual spring cleaning before you can lay the correct foundation for your passion and purpose.  Start with a blank slate, or as blank as you can.

Step two is figuring out what your Heart Filter is.  Everyone on this earth will have a different one.  You can not lump people together on this.  You also do not want someone who is not passionate about your cause working on your cause. If your cause is to bring clean water to Haiti, and someone comes in who doesn’t care about if the water is clean or not, do not use them no matter what your need.

Step three is applying every idea by your heart filter.  Your heart filter will have passions, purpose, and obligations.  We as people cannot leave the trash to pile up while we pursue our passions.  (The funny thing about this is, as I looked up from writing this my sink is full of dishes).  If your idea doesn’t pass your heart filter, give it to someone else.

Our world would function so much better if we shared with one another.  So many great things could come to life if we simply did what we are passionate about, fulfilled our purpose, and then give to others so that they can accomplish theirs.

These three steps are not exhaustive but are a few steps in the right direction of helping you speak what is on the inside, and in turn having action steps.  Also, I think it is important to have clarity on jobs.  I understand that you may be at a point where you really do have to work somewhere you absolutely hate in order to pay rent, or take care of your family.  Do not abandon that in the hopes of yourself.  This is part of step one.  Take care of business while doing steps two and three.  Never abandon the things you obligated yourself to like family and basic living needs.


To sum up: Clean up your life, create a heart filter, and run everything on the inside by that.  Before you speak or act, know what you believe and why you believe it.  That is how you become an expert on something, by living it.

My name is Johnny Walker and I am on a journey to Get, Grow in, and Give my Heart!  Will you come with me?

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  1. Beautifuly stated Johnny! Sometimes .our heart filters out the excitement and joy of our ideas , because we are to afraid of being laughed at o rideculed. Maybe if we talk it out with God He will put the right words of our ideas in us to say as he blesses us.

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