30 Days of Heart: Day 2


Sometimes you have to celebrate the small victories.  I woke up today 7ish pounds lighter than when I started the year.  Let me just take a second to be thankful.  I have been here several times physically, but I haven’t felt this way.  I can only describe it as an instant deliverance of shame, pain, laziness, and depression.  It all started with a choice. (Don’t get me wrong I know all too well you can’t choose to fix your brain or body by a single choice, I’m the guy that got put on meds, remember?

What I mean is I made a choice to give it to God.  I made the choice to be open to complete honesty from my wife.  It started with a painful cut on New Years Eve, but she went in deep and dug out gold. Gold is the good qualities that we all have within us that is God-placed (although each of ours can be different), but we have to dig it out or cultivate it to see it come fully alive.  I celebrate that I have someone so close (even though for years I seriously took her for granted) that after she was done imparting a whole bunch of Awesome into me, something broke.

I knew I could do it.  Something in My heart screamed out in its best brave heart impression FREEDOM!!! You see these last several years I tried to make a plan in my head I would lose weight, but my head was hurt.  I tried working my body for a day but with no HEART behind it.


So what is HEART?

(GEEK TIME) I was drawn to Deut. 6:5 and it says: Love the LORD your God with all of your heart, with all of your soul, and with all of your strength. We could spend so much time dissecting this verse, in fact in the near future we will.  Let us for now just focus on Heart. If you don’t have the blue letter bible app, you should go download it right now (after reading this blog of course) and check it out. My good friend Julie told me about it- how you can go into the Greek and Hebrew to find true context.

In this verse the Hebrew for Heart is Lebab.  some of the biblical uses are inner man, will, determination, seat of emotion, seat of passion, and seat of courage. WOW, that is a lot of meanings for one word.  They are all wrapped up in that word.  I started meditating on this word.  I began praying over it and felt like this was crucial to get right before trying anything again.

I have heard about how we are made up of Spirit, Soul, and Body but rarely hear teachings on biblical heart.  I hear r “I heart radio”, I heart you, I heart bread (I am currently doing a 30 day paleo diet which does not allow bread, pasta, pizza, rice, well you get the point)  I think I even had some withdrawals today but I digress.



Can we bring Heart back into the convo?

Can we have both courage and determination?  I can’t describe it any way except like when the Tin Man in Wizard of Oz got his Heart from the Wizard.  It came upon me so quickly.  I felt alive and well for the first time in FOR EV haha.

I want to end today by letting you know that if God can do this for me, He will surely do it for you.  Seek him today with an open heart.  Be willing to be vulnerable and open to some cutting.  Once it breaks the surface, not only will all the yuck come out, but the Gold will too!

My Name is Johnny Walker and I am on a journey to get whole in my Body, Mind, and Spirit.  I know now it all starts with my Heart!


I CHALLENGE YOU to look back over the last weeks, months, or years and write down some thoughts.  Meditate on what it truly means to have Heart and make a positive change in your life.


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