30 Days of Heart: Day 17

YoLo or something like that!

If you can see the pic, then it says it all. I don’t even have to keep going, but I will because it is a great story!

So my wife and I are sitting at our friends house just having a great time. I then notice some henna tattoo on her hand. I asked so where did you get that done. She replied, oh I did that. She said she had been practicing. Out of pure joking I said yeah I have always wanted to get a Mike Tyson tat on my face. Again I was joking and even chuckled.  She preceded to then say, oh my gosh I have been needing a guy for my portfolio, and I haven’t done a face yet.

Peer presure is real y’all.  Her husband said yeah you should totally do it.  My wife with a smile on her face asked how long it lasts.  My friend said oh just a couple of days, but a couple weeks at most.

Then my wife gets in on it and says yes babe you gotta do it, plus it will be gone by the time we see family.  So, I let her perform her very awesome artisticness on my face.  I must admit the smell is actually quite nice and relaxing.

As we are leaving their house they say have a good night. I replied, the only way we won’t have a good night is if I get pulled over by a cop.  So we are leaving and seriously get 2 streets down and I see a car flip a Uturn. Then, I see flashing lights.  I know what you are thinking, it’s no big deal to get pulled over by a cop, but imagine looking like a white Mike Tyson.

The cop comes to my window and you can tel immediately is holding back laughter.  He lets me know as a courtesy I have a headlight out and need to get it fixed. He then asked for my license and insurance.  I don’t know why I felt the need to tell him it was just a Henna tattoo and I was just supporting my artist friend by supporting her goals and dreams. He chucked and said no judgement from me, if you want to get a tat that is your choice. He walks away smiling. I am pretty sure he didn’t even run my tags, instead he was probably on the radio saying hey guys you will never believe it but I just pulled a guy over with a Mike Tyson tattoo. No guys I can’t take a picture with him. He comes back a few minutes later and tells us to have a good night still smirking.

This whole time my wife is texting several friends and my family to let them know what had happened.  Looking back it is one of the funniest stories to ever happen to me. All because I took a risk and helped show a friend I supported her.


What is the moral of the story?

Don’t speak judgement on you before something happens like getting pulled over by a cop.  I put so much fear on me by speaking that.  So you are probably thinking that the tat was a stupid idea.  No it wasn’t.  I didn’t get a permanent one and even if I did it would be my choice that I would live with.  I am generally a smart guy and weigh the consequences of my actions before hand. Plus we four had a great time laughing, and even more people got in on the fun too.

We learn from mistakes. I think if we never made a mistake or failed at something, we would always go through life thinking we are superman.  We might have some super powers inside of each and everyone of us but we need to know our limitations.  We need to put a strong structure of support and protection around us.

We need to think out decisions before hand and not just do something because someone asks us to.  I am not saying don’t make the decision to do something crazy or fun, just think about the rest of your life afterwards.

I have so many friends that wish they didn’t get the tattoo they got at 18. Does that make tattoos bad? Of course not. I will tell you what though, the ones that did make that mistake typically think harder about almost every decision going forward.

are you tellingh people to go make stupid mistakes?

No, for the love of God, no! I am saying we are all imperfect and will make mistakes. Some minor and some huge.  We must not let them defeat us and stop us from pursuing our dreams but learn from them so that we grow in wisdom.

Go live because you only have one life. Do not be so scared of failing that you never live. I just want you to have a strong structure around you to practice life.  Lean on your parents, lean on sober friends (we all know a drunk friend is not the one to ask life decisions lol). Lean on a pastor, lean on a counselor.  There are so many people out there who want the best for you, do not think you are alone.

I will end today with this.

Go risk, because life without risk is not life. Do not be preset but productive and profit.  Be courageous because your heart deep inside you is yearning to explode on to the scene.

You reading this are my heros. You only live once, go make it count by impacting the world around you for the better, and have fun doing it!

My name is Johnny Walker and I am on a journey to Get, Grow in, and Give my Heart! Will you come with me?

8 thoughts on “30 Days of Heart: Day 17”

  1. Johnny, I love that you took the step to act even while you were still getting comfortable with “living out” your decision for yourself, and while still processing how to explain “what’s right about it” to others, including a police officer – your biggest fear in the moment. I’m really thankful, actually, that the cop pulled you over, so you could face that down.
    I read a quote recently which was, “Everytime we choose safety, we reinforce fear.” – Cheri Huber. True, in many ways. 🙂 Hope you enjoy your week with your tattoo! I feel like there is more to come with this… that this is just the beginning of this experience, and that it will grow you more… I think of women who shave their head to support a friend in cancer treatment. A very visible statement of support.

    1. Thank you so much, the henna didn’t like my face so as soon as I wash off the outer it was gone haha.

      Thank you so much for the encouragement!

  2. I sometimes think it’s too risky to take risks, but this is good stuff my man! I’m gonna get a henna Thug Life tattoo on my stomach now! Don’t judge me! Love ya brotha!

  3. Johnny,
    Love ypu wisdom! You are wise beyond your years and the love you have for God is AWESOME! So thankful you are my church “Buddy!” April and Malichi too! SO THANKFUL FOR YOU AND FAMILY!

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