30 Days of Heart: Day 16

The dreaded subscribe now button!

It seems everyone wants to sell something these days!  You can get cable, satellite, basic, expanded, premium, mega, gold, platinum, and the list goes on right.  Here is the thing, people wouldn’t sell stuff if people weren’t buying stuff.  So the question should not be why are people having you sign up for things, but what are you subscribing to in your life.

Yes, you are catching on I will be taking this on a deeper level, but I am gonna drag it out and have some fun for a bit. (Also, google loves it when you use more words, lots of laughs).

Let us start by just saying what a subscriber actually is.

SUBSCRIBER:a person who pays to receive or access a service.

You might be saying Johnny I don’t pay for my service, I found a loophole. Then, I might say you are a hacker or pirate.  No, not the pirates of the Caribbean but one who steals for personal gain. A hacker takes what doesn’t belong to them.

what do you subscribe to!

I subscribe to a lot of things. I am on peoples email lists, I subscribe to podcasts, I have Internet, and I subscribe to Christianity.

I subscribe to email lists because the people’s lists that I am on I get a lot of great content for free. You are probably thinking, Johnny I thought you had to pay for it.  Well in a great sense I do with my time. My time is my greatest commodity that I have. (Which is one reason I am so far behind on my daily posts)

I subscribe to several podcasts because I want to be a better leader, I want to grow intellectually, I want to lose weight, I want to be a better coach, and I want to love Jesus more!

I subscribe to Hudson Internet for a couple of reasons.

  • It’s all I can get where I live
  • they are great people
  • quality service
  • I get to talk to al of you lovely people

I subscribe to Christianity for so many reasons, but I will share a few and then get to the meat. I believe it is the best for me, I believe the author, I believe in the goodness of people, I believe it helps people.

if you subscribe to christianity, which package do you have?

Let me explain to you what I mean. There are hundreds of denominations of Christianity, and heck there are even different religions claiming to be part of Christianity.

This is where I could lose a few of you, but I will try my best to be clear and as unbiased as I can be.

The world just sees Christian but what does that even mean.  The term first started as a hateful persecution word to people who followed Christ. It means little Christ and it was similar to other hateful words people call each other these days.

I wear it proudly, but I haven’t always. I used to subscribe (it was what I was raised in) to religion without relationship.  Religion has a set of rules, obligations, and says what you can do for God.

Relationship on the other hand had promises, experience, and says what Jesus can do for you.

I am not here to put anyone down just speak from my own story.  The Bible does say pure undefiled religion in the sight of God is to serve Orphans and widows.  If you are doing that, sweet we got no problem. To many churches, pastors, leaders, and even polititions use the christian religion to enslave people when it was meant to set them free.

If you are in a religion and it has put an undue burden on you, or you feel enslaved you are subscribing to the wrong package my friend.

Pure Christianity sets people free to think on their own(God loves the way we think). It sets the captives free. It brings sound mind, peace, comfort, love, hope, and prosperity.

If you do not have these the. I give you permission to RUN FOR THE HILLS! It is time to stop paying for something that literally is killing you.  I have had too many friends destroyed by bad theology. (Theology is the study of God) the problem is people abuse it and created an ideology that manipulates it into an evil thing.

To my friends who are not Christian or searching please do not hold my channel accountable to those others.  Please give me a chance to help you. My aim is not to covert but set people free. Free of the manipulations of this world and get back to the Heart of things. I may not know you reading this but I truly care about your heart.

So my question again is, what are you subscribed to that you need to stop paying for. You can pay for something with money, time or your life.  You only have one life. (YOLO) so make the best of it.  Find out why you believe what you believe.

God is big enough for your searching. If he wanted us to blindly believe he wouldn’t have given us free choice. He wouldn’t have let Thomas touch his side and see that it was indeed pierced at the cross. If God can’t handle that he is not God.

God is pro choice and inclusive. He created MAN in his image and gave a way to adopt us into his family.  It is the choices and actions of man that have caused this world to become such an evil place, not God!

Some of you have hate in your Heart because of that last paragraph that you don’t even see I used the Bible to write it.

Weget so wrapped up in our belief we don’t even know why we subscribed in the first place.

Choose what you subscribe to wisely, it could very well mean you lose your life. Take this seriously please. You could totally rock this world into a much better place!

I totally have to plug my subscription. If you subscribe now to my email list, I promise it will be useful info you get to help you along your journey. If it’s not your style or channel you want, simply unsubscribe at any time.

My name is Johnny Walker and I am on a journey to Get, Grow in, and Give my heart! Will you come with me?