30 Days of Heart: Day 14

Where have you been Johnny?

Have you ever thought to yourself, I am having such a good time doing this thing, I’ll do that other thing that is super important in the morning? Three days later I am writing day fourteen of my blog.  That is the truth.  I haven’t been kidnapped, nor have I been on vacation.  I simply started out one day of having fun too late and turned into multiple days!



That my friends is a great question, I think you deserve an awesome story.  So, who has one? Just kidding I’ll share one.
I have for so long wanted to make an impact in the world around me that I actually would overwhelm myself and do nothing. This blog and coming soon podcasts have been in my heart for so long. It seems funny at least to me that it would take opening up to be so vulnerable that actually is fulfilling dreams and passions of mine. In turn it is fulfilling my purpose to inspire people to hope, and bring them into unity. Through opening up it has brought me closer to others in a positive way of encouraging one other to keep going and pushing to change.
My point in all this is, without a strong support system around you, it is almost impossible to turn your struggle into success!
When I brought up this idea to do 30 days of blogging to help myself first, and hopefully help others, people got on board.
I have friends and family that have pushed me positively.  I just want to say I am making strides I have never made on my own.  I have shared things I have never been able to share. I am not there yet, but “there” is not a number on a scale like I thought in the past. It is a life-long journey that you take one day at a time.  You run it with mistakes and all.  You try and learn from the ones that you make and grow from them.
I have heard so many times in life a quote that says “what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger”.  No, no it doesn’t….unless you learn the lesson no matter how hard it was to learn.  I have made mistakes in my life, and many of them were so stupid that they should have killed me.  By God’s grace I am alive and I choose today to run on this journey.



Everyone is on a journey! Finding out where you have come, where you are now, and where you want to go from here is so crucial.
The reason is, there are no cookie cutter paths or formulas out there.  When someone says follow my plan to the T and it will absolutely work for you. No it doesn’t, and that’s ok.  Does that mean don’t follow plans? No, it means take what you can from each plan and digest it, and poop out the rest. We are all unique and will require a unique plan that is tailored to our goals and dreams, not anything cookie cutter.
Read your book, listen to your podcast, and watch your program.  While doing it please know where you are and where you want to go. And don’t just gain information, but put it into practice.
Get a support system around you, seek out community, but in the end you will be held responsible for your action, or inaction.
My name is Johnny and I am on a journey to Get, Grow in, and Give my heart.  Will you come with me?