30 Days of Heart: Day 11

my back hurts real bad

Have you ever had your back hurt so badly that you thought about taking some Benadryl just to go back to sleep?  That was me yesterday and a little less pain today.  Which is why I am yet again a day late with the blog.  Like I said before, you will hopefully get 30 blogs in 30 days, just not every day haha.  Here are some cool things that I got to do while having lower back pain.

  • I watched a documentary on killer whales with my wife.
  • I haven’t had to bend over and change poopy diapers of my son
  • I haven’t had to clean.
  • I get to sit here and talk to you lovely people.

In short, sometimes pain causes you to sit back and rest.  I have also had the privilege of more time to think today.  Using your brain can bring up some issues, but it can also bring solutions.  Let me explain. In my physical transformation I am eating paleo which is helping shed some pounds, but also I have been working out.  The only problem is that I have done chest, arm, and leg workouts but no core workouts.  If you are trying to workout it is beneficial, no it is crucial, to build up your core or else you think you can lift more than your body can handle and you can tweak your back like I did.  No, I wasn’t working out when I did it, I was just being a good dad.  I took my son to the park, Walmart (he loves it there), and the Library.  All of the in and out, bending over, and carrying a very active toddler I guess caused something in there to hurt really bad.  Now that the core of my back is out of commission it actually has taken my whole body out of commission.

The moral of the story

Don’t pass up the fundamentals in your life for the big dream.  When you do you just might hurt something that causes you to miss out on the goal you set, or dream you dream.  Take a few days to really go back and think about the core of your heart.  Think about some changes or improvements to the foods you eat, the things you drink, the weights you carry both physically and mentally, and process it.  It can be a lot.  So do yourself and me a favor and go back to the fundamentals and make sure you are not skipping over them to get to something better.  You are right, they can be boring and uneventful until you find yourself sidelined.  I sure do not want to be this big ole muscley guy who cannot actually carry any weight.

Think about that from a mental perspective for a few moments.  Do you spend a lot of time watching TV instead of thinking? (I know sometimes it is good to veg out and relax but if we only do that we lose brain power.) No really, it has been proven that you actually exercise your brain when you turn off the tele and just think.  You also burn more calories.  You do not even have to read, just literally sitting there and thinking is better for you than watching T.V.  Don’t stop reading and think that I am against T.V. because I am not.  I like to watch it, but I am learning to just sit there and think.  Even better I have not just been reading my bible, but actually using my blue letter bible app to go back to the original Hebrew and Greek and applying it to my life.

If the bible isn’t your thing, you can still use it to learn a lot of cool things. (Especially if you read it as history in conjunction with Jewish and other culture’s histories.  One thing you would learn is that Muslims and Jews both descended from Abraham.  Jews from the womb of Sarah, and Ishmael from the womb of Hagar.)

sum this thing up for me

Ignore fundamentals, and eventually you will pay for it.  Build up the core of your Body, Mind, and Spirit and you will line up perfect.  Your Heart is your inner man that connects your triune being together.  It is the core of who you are. That is what I am getting back to with doing this 30 days of Heart.  I am not in it to get sympathy but simply to share my story so that it holds me accountable to what I actually believe and share with people.  I want to be an expert in this.  Not to sell it to the highest bidder, but so that when I speak people know that I am legit, When I work, they know what I can bring to the table, and When I listen they know I understand.

If I can do this, so can you.  In fact I know you can.

My name is Johnny and I am on a journey to Get, Grow in, and Give my Heart.  Will you come with me?

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